Our Home

Here are pictures of our house! Finally... I know you are probably thinking that . It has been a very crazy few weeks with school starting and all. We still do not have internet at our house but it is supposed to be in the works- maybe by Friday.

Here is the set of keys we recieved when we moved in!

Here is the entrance to the house- when you walk in the front door.

Here is our living room & dining room

A view from the hallway into the livingroom & dining room.

Our spare room- guests will need to bring something to sleep on at this point- we have a frame so we are still waiting for the mattress.

Here is our outside patio area. We just got the furnature a few days ago. We spend most of our time here. Fran has been able to go outside too. The area is all walled in.

Bedroom photos on the next post.


  1. you know what I just realized while I was showing Walker these pics? Your walls are REALLY bare... maybe you could get someone to come in and hang some paintings or something...hehehe

    p.s. Grandma wants to know whose lighter that is!

    Have a great birthday!

    oh, Walker just asked "was that bug in her house or out of her house?"

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY! Great pictures, wonderful house, and most excellant stories! Hope KC takes a look. She and Merideth want to work out of the country next summer. Hope you get your computer, it would be a nice present, yeh? Think your parents are coming up this weekend. Hi to Marv. Love you, Aunt Sherry

  3. The bug was in our house, beatten to death by a fly swatter then carried out of our house by fran the cat :)

    Lighter is mine- I took up smoking while in the DR becaues it is so cheep. RD$90 = about $2.50 pack. But don't worry I'll quit before I come home :)