we're ONLINE!

Internet has arrived to nuestra casa! Muy Bien! Marvin, Julia and I are sitting around the kitchen table all on the internet right now. Marvin is on Skype to our dear friend Justin Velting-Wolfe :)

Now that I have time to update here is what we have been doing the last few days.
As requested by Grandma Rose- Here is a picture of the exterior of our house.
Here is the inside of our gate.
Here is the house across the street. They have been working on it since before we moved in. They do all the work by hand. I'm going to try to take some pictures to show the progress. Its pretty trashed right now!

On Sunday we went to IBC for the 2nd time. We had a very nice family invite us for dinner and dessert! Here is a guy from Argentina who was visiting that Sunday as well. He has a plantane in his pocket- it's like a very bland large banana.

Here is the family that invited us to dinner. They are just finishing paella- a rice dish.

This past weekend we went to Boca Chica with a friend. They took us out on the boat. It rained but it was still a great day !

Marvin in the Carribean Sea! :)

A few of the shore from the boat.

Ok I'm going to hang out on facebook, check my email, and search for some flights to Costa Rica :)

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  1. awesome! what a relief to be better connected, huh?

    thanks for all the pictures... how was the paella? I tried a crockpot version once, but I've never had authentic paella.

    good job with the spanish too... are you picking up bits and pieces here and there???

    the water is so beautiful, so clear! fun times!!!