One last note before signing off for the summer….

Tonight I went with a friend to get our nails done- Graduation tomorrow. We tried this new salon “liz salon” in Plaza Central (mall).  I got a mediocre mani and pedi but I thought oh well how much can it be…$450RD/ EACH (that’s $12.50 each) which is A LOT for here. Last time I got mani, pedi, and hair washed and styled for $500RD ($14).  So anyways… after the mediocre mani y pedi I got a 30 minute massage, it was heavenly! Well worth the $500RD.

So let me back up… as I was finishing with my Pedicure I gave the lady my sandals. Instead of putting them on me she tried them on her self- I thought something must have gotten lost in translation but then I repeated my self and I thought she understood. I ended up leaving the room with those throw away flip flops and headed to my massage. After the massage I came down- they were closing- and I asked for my zapatos. They looked at me weird and said where did you leave them.. I said with the pedicure lady. Well the pedicure lady had left and my shoes were no where in sight. We spent about a half hour looking for them (everywhere including a lady’s lunch box). In the end I walked out in the throwaway flip flops and got all services for free… I’m still very disappointed about my shoes.

I’m pretty sure the pedicure lady stole them- she tried them on… that was weird!

(Andrea SIL- I can only image what you would have done if you A) Spoke Spanish and B) Had this happen to you!)


Last Day of School

The year started way back in August 2009 and looking back I can't belive it is over. What a challenge, what an experience, what an adventure!

Let's Review!

Classes I taught:
  • 9th grade World Geography
  • 10th grade World History
  • 11th grade US History
  • 12th grade Government and Economics
  • 7th grade Health (2nd semester)
Sponsored Activities:
  • Model United Nations- Trip in Punta Cana
  • 9th Grade homeroom teacher/ advisor- Bake sales :)
  • Developed new curriculum for k-12 Social Studies courses
Places we visited:
  • Bayhibe
  • Playa Domincos
  • Bavado
  • Punta Cana
  • La Romana (Casa de Campo)
  • Salto de Limon
  • 27 Charcos (waterfalls)
  • Caberete
  • Puerto Plata
  • Samana
  • Las Terrenas
  • Playa Bonita & Playa Colson
  • Higuey
  • Juan Dolio
  • Boca Chica
  • Santiago
People who visited us:
  • Betsy
  • Kari
  • Baker Family (Tom, Lyla, Rat-bin, & Rave)
  • Adam and Becca
  • Israel and Michelle
  • Brian
Things they do better in the DR:
  • Cell phones (free incoming calls- all plans, cheep prepay phones)
  • Christmas gifts from students (I think I had a suitcase full at Christmas)
  • Croquette- no Michelle this isn't dog food- it's fried pureed chicken motz sticks
  • Quiznos is better here
Future Plans:
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11... to be continued! :)

That's a year in review- I'll go back in later and put some links in to people's blogs and events. I'm signing off from the DR until early August. I am headed to Michigan for ~5 weeks... you may continue to see a few posts from "Life in GR", during the break.

This blog will be back in action ~ August 2010. See ya then and have a great summer!


Flying Solo

Marvin went home today… well he hasn’t made it as of yet- He has a layover now in Atlanta that has been delayed longer because of thunderstorms. Also Marvin took the flee bag too! So I’m alone on this little island!


We have had some trouble with Marvin’s flight- he was flying Spirit. You may have heard about the Spirit pilot strike?? We had to get a refund  and then rebook with Delta. It worked out great in the end. We ended up getting a better deal, unlike some passengers that are stranded. Ask Marvin about going to the airport and sneaking into the “authorized personnel area”

I had to drive today - First time since August 2009! (except for my short trip home in April)- it was actually better than expected! I don’t think I will hit anyone, I’m more worried about them hitting me!

I fly home on Saturday- I’m hoping to get an earlier flight because we have our great friends getting married…

Congrats Lee & Becky



A post for grandma

IMG00019-20100609-1559 (2)

I’ve been tutoring this week A LOT. Most of the students I tutor need help studying for exams… not in this case. My wonderful Taiwanese students have exonerated most of their exams so we are just “studying” English. Today we finished 1.5 hours of tutor and we planned to go to the gym but in between we fit in a quick game of Rummy Cube!


De Regreso a la Cruz

This Thursday- Sunday Morning, John Piper, spoke at a conference in San Souci, Dominican Republic. The conference was FREE, but that wasn’t the best part.

  • We attended Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning
  • He spoke in English and it was translated to Spanish and Creole- for our Haitian population
  • I took 13 pages of notes
  • Attendance: Over 5,000 (MCV thinks around 10K)


Topics Included:

  • How important is it to get the gospel right?
  • How is God magnified in us when we are satisfied in Him?
  • 10 places to pursue JOY all the time
  • What does LOVE look like and where does it come from?
  • Fighting for JOY


We went with Michelle and Israel who came to us from GR for a short little vacation. They are now traveling the island and will be flying home on Thursday. 001