He's not a lefty!

When Moses was 9 months old he broke his arm. 
We don't really know how it happened. We noticed it because he was beginning to crawl really well. He was getting really fast and had great form. One Saturday after noon we noticed he wasn't using his right arm. 

On Monday morning we called our Pediatrician and they said to bring him in. Upon observation, the doctor did not find any swelling, Moses did not complain when his arm was twisted, bent or pulled. So the doctor said he might just be favoring crawling in his new way. 

A week went by and the following Tuesday we called to doctor again. He still wasn't using his arm and we noticed a few times he would pull his right arm away if he had to put pressure on it. We had x-rays on Tuesday and a cast was put on on Wednesday. 

He really did quite well for having a cast on. In total he only had it on for 11 days. 

He chose blue so it would match his Halloween outfit. 

He still played and got around very well. 

He used it as a weapon a few times. 
And refused to use his left arm to feed himself. Mom had pity on him and feed him, dad made him try to use the left arm- no dice. He's for sure a righty. 

We had his friends from church sign his cast the day before he got it off. 

Back to normal. 
 And he's so thankful he can eat by himself again. 


FALL 2013

Betsy's Bachelorette Baking Party in Traverse City

 Halloween with Manthei's
Marvin- Pot of Gold
Lindsay- Rainbow
Moses- Minion from Despicable Me

Moses got a new snowsuit so he's ready for Northern Michigan winter. It began to snow the week before Thanksgiving. 

 We went on our 2nd annual color tour and had dessert at Legg's Inn in Cross Village.

We hiked Dead Man's hill 

We listed our house the week before Thanksgiving. We will see what happens.

Moses celebrated his first Thanksgiving in D.C. with the Verwys' clan. Major road trip for him but he did great. 

Celebrated Rita's birthday and shopped and read. 

Some RANDOM Moses photos from September- November
  Snuggles with Aunt Brittan
                                                                                             Moses is too big for his Moses Basket

Hanging out with Dad on Saturday's...... Our little hobo.

 His preferred method of shopping. 

Our fall has been busy. 
Marvin: working a lot although it's starting to slow down a bit. Loves hanging out with fuzzy britches on Saturdays and making flap jacks. 
Lindsay: started a play date for mom's at our church, involved in a Bible study, enjoys being home with Moses but are often out and about instead of home
Moses: still naps 3 times a day, loves to eat food any time and anything, enjoys bath time and chasing the cat