Marvin the Radio Star

So today I (Marvin) was scouring the internet for my daily political fix and I ran across an article on mlive.com about Gov. Snyder’s budget proposal. The article was well written, neatly to the point and kind of funny to boot. Finding quality journalism on mlive is something of a rarity so I decided to research the author. His name is Tim Doctor and as it turns out he hosts a radio show in Grand Rapids on WJRW 1340 AM. This is his facebook picture, he and Lindsay are friends now.

Tim Doctor Also as it turned out, his show was on the air right then. So I tuned into it online and gave it a listen for a while. After a few minutes I heard some unthinking, robot moron call in and spouted off some socialist drivel. I was incensed and decided to give the host a piece of my mind. I NEVER do this but I was really feeling it and I had also been cracking myself up all morning so I decided to go for it. I called in and told the screener what I wanted to talk about and he asked me where I was from. When I told him Boyne City he was floored that I was listening all the way up here and told me he would put me right on. 2 minutes later my receiver crackled and I was on air. I didn’t even have time to get nervous or have second thoughts. Tim Doctor was even more thrilled than his producer that I was calling from all the way up north so he grilled me on how I found out about the show. Basically, to make a long story short, he interviewed me for about 10 minutes. I went through our whole life story and he kept getting more and more pumped up. I charmed him a little bit and we had a great conversation. I asked him some questions and he asked me some more and before I knew it time was just flying by. I barely even got to be mad at the stupid robot moron who I called in to be mad at but when I finally got around to my opinion (which was scathing and brilliant and hilarious and succinct and enlightening) Tim assured me he was on my side blah blah blah. After I came unhinged and Tim responded, there was a short pause and I thought the conversation was going to be over, so I kind of said “weeeellllllll” like I was trying to get off the phone, but Tim wanted to keep going. So I rolled with it. All told, I absolutely carried the segment. I listened to the rest of his show and he referenced my call several more times. I think I have a shot a being a recurring guest on his show (I’m thinking “Marvin From Boyne City” will be my handle). I’ll call back in a couple months and give them a real charge but I am going to leave them hanging for now. I feel like they want me to call back tomorrow but I am going to pick my spots and kill them when I drop in. I’ll try to let you guys know next time I call so you can tune in and check it out.

Here are some pictures of me and the cat. Enjoy!




And now you know

This post was inspired by my great friend Becca…check out her “and now you know” post here.


  1. I sleep almost as much as our cat. Which tends to make us great friends, or worst enemies when we want to sleep in the same place
  2. I like to be just as comfortable as the next person…well actually MORE comfortable than the next person. I often get jealous of other peoples conformability level.
  3. I enjoy paying bills and charting the balance in our bank account…however, small it may be. (see new living room update post)
  4. I hate waking up in the morning, no matter how late I get to sleep in. Actually I hate waking up period, naps included.
  5. I could eat McDonald’s every day. I do limit myself though, some months better than others.
  6. The idea of blogging is so appealing, and I know others love to read, but I hate doing it
  7. I love movies! The cheesier the better, if it involves teaching, I’m all over it. True stories- SOLD! A  hallmark movie can’t possibly get any better unless of course at the end of the flick they tell you where the characters end up in life. (Ex: Legally Blonde, The Sandlot, Remember the Titans)
  8. I like writing utensils. Usually the cheaper the better. But I am particular about what I write with.
  9. I’m afraid of wood. I do not like to use wooden spoons unless they are varnished. And don’t even try to give me one of those wooden spoons the scary ice cream man off the truck gives away. I wrap popsicle sticks in napkins.
  10. My latest hobby has been sewing…I need lessons!
  11. I like to compete in odd tasks, and win! When I was at MSU, I had to hop up and down the court on one of those large balls with the

    handles. I won a $100 gift card to the bookstore.



  1. He loves to be at the last place in the course as quickly as possible. Even if he likes what is he is doing along the way.
  2. He enjoys politics and reading websites like drudgereport.com as much as others love being on facebook.
  3. He is a facebook page stalker…he reads my page frequently, and sometimes posts.
  4. If he could chose one profession and be the best at it, he’d be a TAP DANCER.
  5. He’s completely obsessive compulsive about food. He will absolutely LOVE something for a short period of time and then absolutely hate it. Right now his kick is dried fruit leather from trader joe’s.
  6. He has a debilitating fear of rolling his ankle. It keeps him up at night worrying about it.
  7. He snores- when he isn’t worrying about the ankle.
  8. He loves the cat. He speaks cat, and often has conversations with the cat about Lindsay. It annoys Lindsay.
  9. He enjoys doing laundry, and does all our laundry, including ironing. Attributed to JLV.
  10. He is the loudest sneezer, next to his father, PMV.

We LOVE being together!




ach weekend in February we have plans! We either have visitors coming up here or we are heading down south!

Last weekend the Verwys’ came up for a short but fun filled weekend!

We celebrated Betsy and Dad’s Birthdays! I think this was one of 17 cakes Betsy got on her birthday! I may be exaggerating a little but not too much


Cake 1:


Cake 2, 3, 4:


Cake 5:


Just kidding ...they were all the same cake, at least for this birthday event!

I read on one of her blogs that she was going to do a cake-off with all the goodies she got, but I haven't seen any updates yet!

Present for Dad and Betsy came next.


Later that weekend we also went snow shoeing. Check Betsy's blog for photos!

It was such a great weekend. I wish we could move all our friends and family up here to "God's Country!"

Kids say the darndest things

While hanging out with my friends children, age 2 and 4, they gave me their philosophical thoughts about which snowmobiles are the best. Their grandpa has heavily influenced them. I have no idea what the grandparents real last name is, only that they are called Grandma and Grandpa Bile, because they own snowmobiles. They said. “My grandpa doesn’t drive anything but a Ski-doo, and we call the other snowmobiles Arctic-craps!”


This story reminds me of 4 other small children often referred to as mice. When they drive by this type of car, pictured below, they call it a “fart-car”!

Before and after

Our living room need a little update. When Rachel was up a few weekends ago, she preformed a little magic. We stopped at the house for just a quick second before heading back to the hotel and while I was grabbing something from the backroom, she started moving things in the living room around. About 20 minutes into the redecorating, we realized the car was still running! She quickly finished up decorating and my room was turned from a room with furniture into a LIVING room…nice and homey!

I had to add a few sewing projects to complete the make over. It is a far cry from what it used to be…2 chairs and, a left over pillow, and a carpet remnant from our school. I have also added lamps and switched out the coffee table from our recent trip to IKEA (not pictured) I don’t have a before photo just an after!


This is the pillow I made; I love the fabric. It was less than a $1 per yard, which is part of the reason I love it Smile