More house photos

You should read the blog below this before you start on this on. I'm still getting used to adding photos and what order they post in. If anyone is interested in making money- you could invent a better "blogger", this one is annoying.

Here is a picture of our bedroom. We have an entire wall of closets, and a king size bed. It's glorious.

Here is our bathroom. The entire house was freshly remodled. Our bathroom is wonderful.

Here is another picture of our bedroom. You can kind of see the air conditioner above our bed. It is small works well. However, it is very expensive to run so we usually don't!

Here is our hallway that leads from the living room out to the patio and down to our 3 bedrooms.
Here is our kitchen. It is large enough for us 3 to be cooking at once. We do a lot of cooking at our house. Julia has taught us some wonderful recipies too!

More to come... once we get internet at home I can actually take time and write stories. But for now this will have to do.


  1. I love all the pics.

    I have the same frustration with blogger and the photo uploading...

    The patio looks divine. And I cannot believe how nice the kitchen is! Wow!

  2. nice! I'll have to take photos of our house now that it's done, even the floors! :)

    I hear you on the blogger, so annoying! Keep the photos coming!