Model UN

I am the new sponsor for Model United Nations here in the Dominican Republic. This is basically a conference that students 7th grade and up can attend. They get to write papers on issues that are being currently discussed with in the UN. They can work in either English or Spanish. I have 3 students who have chosen the Administrative and Budgetary Committee. I get to work with them to develope good thoughts about what should change and how.

In October we get to go to a 5 day conference in Samana- at a resort in the North. Here is a picture of the group on our way to a conference we had last Wednesday. We have about 18 students in all. My 3 English students are sitting in the very back!

Here is Mini Me and Fran. This is about as close as they have gotten to bonding! :)

This is our friend Paola... I say her name Paula cause I'm American and I just sound funny if I try to say it the Spanish way. And her daughter Rachel under the umbrella. They came over last weekend to hang out.

A big congratulations to our friends and family that just had babies. Our good friends Tim and Rachel just welcomed into the world little baby boy: Isaiah. And our cousins Joe and Jenny just had Connor.
Congrats to you both!


  1. does m get to go on the conference?

  2. what's this about Mini Me????

    looks like being the sponsor should be fun... thanks for sharing more pics. love it!

  3. mini me is Julia's cat. Fran really wants to play with her but... She doesn't want to play with Fran