Ice Breaker

On friday, the Senior Class had an event in the afternoon at school. It is the annual Icebreaker event. This is a time for underclassmen to get to know the Seniors and for parents to come and "break the ice" over causal converation and events.

Here is Marvin with one of his students.

Here are the boys playing in the "video game room"

The seniors all dressed in clown outfits and rode in on the fire truck. The theme for this years ice breaker was "circus"

Here is the main set up outside on the basketball courts. The Seniors had pizza for sale and a bunch of carnival games.

Here are a few of the dedicated Seniors hard at work.

Here is a small video so you can get the full picture of the somewhat organized chaos that occured that day. It was a very hot day and students were beginning to go wild. Luckily we were able to get out at 2pm that friday!

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