For Sale or For Rent?

This winter it was Marvin's grand idea to rent out our house to make a little extra cash. To be honest I thought he was nuts. I told him I didn't want any part of it but if he wanted to list it - go ahead. We had to turn down the first few inquiries because we hadn't thought through the logistics of renting out a house (locks on doors guest shouldn't access, bedding, finishing our basement so we could live down there, where would Fran go, more bedding, towels, etc). We finally accepted a rental for a 3 day weekend, it was our trial run. Marvin had a lot of scrambling around to do before the renters checked in. I headed out of town (remember- this was HIS idea).  

We listed it on Airbnb.com 

It kind of started because we listed our house for sale just after Thanksgiving. We had all of the photos from listing the house so this was the logical next step, right? 
All in all, we rented it for 3 full weekends. It was a good experience. The renters we had were all ski bunnies and really used the house mainly at night. I was out of town 2 of the 3 rentals and the third rental we stayed in the basement. Marvin finally got me on board by hiring a cleaning lady to clean up the house after the renters and put it back in order for us to live in it. That was the best part- besides the extra cash. 

finished basement

We had to put a hold on rentals because we received an offer last week to purchase our house. Closing could be as early as March 20th. Inspections, sale of buyers home, a place for us to go, and all the other things you think of when selling a house, have to fall in place for the deal to be firm. It's kind of like dominos or as our realtor says as solid as quick sand. 

We like/ed living here but with Marvin's job being in Chx we'd like to get a bit closer. We are throwing around a few ideas now- renting for a bit, buying immediately (unlikely), or building.  Some people look for that perfect house, for us I think it will be  just be our next house. I don't know if we will ever have our forever home like some do. 

We'll have to wait and see. This little bugger keeps me busy so maybe he's enough change for me for the time being.