This & That

I GOT MY SCHOOL SUPPLIES! You'd think I had just won the lottery by my excitement. Marvin knows my personality but I think I frightened Julia a little by how pumped I was over some markets.Thanks Grams for sending them!

Last week we had Spirit Week. On Wednesday the students could come dressed in "normal" clothes because it was beach day. We had teams all week and you had to wear your color. I was on the red team.

This past Saturday a friend from school invited us to go out to Boca Chica a local beach and go out on their boat. It was quite fun. Here we are at the Marina.
Today we were able to attend Iglesia Bautista Cristiana. The service was in Spanish but we had someone translate to us. The church is about 300 people. So large enough that there is some activities and bible studies that I think we can get into. The tough thing is that it is all in spanish. THere are a few people that speak English but it's going to be a little hard to make friends. We think we will go back there next Sunday though!


  1. Grams is the greatest, isn't she???

    I look forward to reading more about your adventure into the spanish-speaking church... wow!

  2. I am cracking up over the tote bag under the table.