Marvin missed the bus....

Everyday at 3:15 the bus leaves the school to take us home. We usually head downstairs around 3 to make sure we don't miss it. Today at 3:15, Marvin is not there. We tend to watch out for one another and when someone isn't there we check on them! So I went running through the halls looking for Marvin....5th grade room- no MCV......4th grade room- no MCV....teacher's lounge- no MCV. At this point I can feel the anger coming from the bus because it is now 3:16 and we haven't left the school. (Dominicans are very punctual when its time to leave, not so much other times...) So I rush back to the bus and assume that Marvin went home early with Julia- she wasn't feeling good today. When I got home - NO MCV! I began to worry a little. I had the cell phone so no way to find him. About 15 mins went by and then a cab pulls up and MCV comes home. Marvin had missed the bus. He said he thought it left at 3:30. I told him the 4th graders are rubbing off on him. We now have a saying, "don't be such a 4th grader" when we do something immature or silly! :)

On another note, our afternoons are filling up with tutoring! Marvin is tutoring on family from another school, Julia does guitar and some language tutoring, and I work with some girls from Taiwan- they are fabulous.
Here are some shots in action!

I don't have a picture of the girls I tutor on hand... so this was the next best- Fran learning Spanish! She is doing well!

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