It Happened!

S-N-O-W! Just after seminar around 2pm, my school window is beaten with this white stuff!


It hasn’t stuck but our first snow was officially October 21, 2010!  And I’ve heard it doesn’t stop til May!  What have we gotten ourselves into?

2 weeks ago when it wasn’t SNNNNOOOOWing, we took a little high up avalanche mountain.

View from the bottom


Half way up, over 400 stairs!


View from the TOP!

016 017  019 

Hiking around up top. They have disc golf, mountain biking trails, etc.  021 022 

Our town also had a scare crow contest and my 9th grade class created a Ginger Bread Scarecrow!

2 of my 9th graders trying out the costumes!


We had a Cross built to hold up the scarecrow. My Jacob thought it was a large sword for slaying!


Out on the corner of Main and Lake St.

They even created a ginger bread  man house.

012 013 

There were over 33 scarecrows around town. 

9th grade at Concord Academy took  took 3rd place!  



Constitution Day!

I know there have been comments concerning our citizenship and its status so I just want to clear up a few things. We started going to a Constitution class to better educate ourselves on what the Constitution actually says. Our teacher is a former High School teacher who is very passionate about teaching the Constitution. We are having a good time learning more about our founding fathers too. HBO has a great mini-series called Adams which basically follows John Adams from before the Revolutionary War all the way through his presidency. It is very informative and entertaining if you ever have 6 hours to kill. Basically we are full on racist, sexist, homophobic Tea Party members now (except that nobody has ever said or done anything controversial whatsoever). Our class happens to meet at one of our favorite restaurants and we have met tons of awesome people who also want to learn about the Constitution. One lady rented Adams from the video store and then dropped the DVDs off for us to watch when she was done so we didn't have to spend the money to rent them ourselves.
So that is the story of Constitution Class. Nothing to it.


No photos…

Don’t worry, I still have my camera. Last time I make a post title like this, I had just gotten my purse stolen! I just have some words to update and no photos…I’ll try to get some up next post!

New with Lindsay:

  • Making progress on the 9th grade Washington D.C. trip- suggestions on fundraising?
  • 9th graders had entered a scarecrow contest in Boyne City. We got 3rd place!
  • I’m doing a Beth Moore bible study at our church WLCC

New with Marvin:

  • He got a new job and it is going great! He is the working in Sales at the water park at Avalanche Bay
  • He bought us another car- 2004 Impala- white, it’s an old copper car (but the siren and bar dividers have been removed) Luckily!
  • He has removed 3 rings on Fran’s Citty-Kitty!
  • Tonight is the last night of his sailing team for the winter

New with both of us:

  • We joined the spa/gym where Marvin works- Lindsay likes the free apples, Marvin rides the recumbent bike
  • We are attending a constitution class on Monday nights
  • We hiked to the top of Avalanche Mt. I do have photos I’ll upload soon! It was beautiful. A must for any visitor to see!

We have been so blessed these last few months. We are so thankful to be back in the US, living in “God’s Country”! We will be in GR during Halloween weekend to attend the wedding of Jason and Courtney (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Kingma)!