Back to the Cross

John Piper will be here this Thursday-Sunday doing a "Back to the Cross" speaking engagement. The concert is free; it will be broad casted in English and translated to Spanish.

We have visitors coming in Thursday morning (Michelle & Israel Alvarado) and they are interested in going too. So if we go I'll post more about it.


Cat sitter

Marvin will be coming home June 14th, Lindsay will be right behind him on June 19th. Both plan to be at HHBC on Sunday :) Woohoo!

Return date: ~July 26th

Yes that's right 6 weeks+ in MICHIGAN! Woohoo!

Anyone interested in fran sitting? We have to leave her in the DR! :(


5 oceans

All week we are reviewing in class for final exams which start next week.
Today one of my 9th graders and I had an interesting conversation as she was filling our her review packet...

Student: Mrs. V does it matter which oceans I label?

Mrs. V: What do you mean??? (puzzled look)

Student: Well you said lable 5 but there are 7 on the map

Mrs. V: Which map are you looking at? (puzzled again)

Student: That one (and points to the one on the wall), see 7 oceans.... (she looks for a second) Wait! They have Pacific and Atlantic on their twice...

Mrs. V: Oh Student - don't say things like this out loud it makes me look like a bad teacher

FYI: 5 oceans
  1. Atlantic
  2. Pacific
  3. Indian
  4. Artic
  5. Southern


The 3rd wheel

On a fuzzy note...

The fuzz bag has been very affectionate since we returned from vacation.

We recently discovered her favorite foods - other than canned tuna... (in no particular order)
  1. Cheese covering on Cheeto's*
  2. Cookie dough*
  3. Strawberry Yo-plait Yogurt*

* All things she consumed today.

Tonight we were sitting on our bed, Marvin was using the computer and Lindsay was reading. Fran was ready too be petted. Nobody was paying attention to her though so she decided to start crawling all over Lindsay. After repeatedly sticking her butt in Lindsay's face she finally settled down inside Lindsay's arms. We have photo documentation. Fran is the one with the collar on. For whatever reason she has been really pumped up to see us lately. She is getting a little older and maybe a little nicer. Although earlier this week Marvin was rough housing with her and she promptly sprinted across the bed and bit Lindsay directly on the knee only to return to Marvin for more rough housing. Crazy cat.


It’s already been a few weeks since we were on vacation… it’s been a busy few weeks here since our visitors left. But I must give this blog some attention :)

Link over to Becca’s blog to see a wonderful narrative of their visit.

When our wonderful visitors agreed to vacation with us this year, the planning was on! We tried to give them as much “island life” as possible in a short weeks vacation.


We started off our vacation by eating at a very ethnic Dominican Restaurant… Burger King, Starbucks…. just to name a few :)

070 210 194 118

We spent a lot of time hanging out!

243 244119 

We hung out in PAIRS

045 047 066 067 117 116 093 114146135   223 241

We hung out in “QUADS”




Marvin made some weird faces…

079 081 184 175 129 121 105

And we visited amazing places… 

074 236

140  212 193 It was altogether a FABULOUS vacation. It was very hard to let them go home. I tried to talk Adam into being a PE teacher and Becca could work in Pre-School and bring the boys down for a cultural experience… Adam was more about it than Becca~ We know they are needed in GR :)




MCV's frisbee catch

A preview of the week we spent with Adam and Becca... more to come!


Parque Verde

Elections for city officials are May 17th. City officials once elected do little for the communities. There may be some corruption occurring… but it is nice when elections are around the corner. Officials tend to create things that are eye catching so the public knows they have done something for the community.

Our local official created the Green Park (Parque Verde). We visited it earlier this week and took some fun photos. It is just next to the McDonald’s and the IKEA- very close to our house.

146 141 142 143145

144 As we walked the park I asked Marvin Questions and he answered them…

Lindsay: Marvin if you could pick any sculpture, which would be your favorite?

Marvin: I don’t know, that one (then pointed to the closest one)

Lindsay: Marvin which animal do you want your picture next to?

Marvin: None of them, can we go yet, it’s too hot

Lindsay: Marvin stand next to the turtle and act like a turtle

Marvin: Are you kidding me…

Lindsay: Marvin since you wouldn’t act like a turtle will you stand next to the eagle and at least put your arms out

Marvin: (with arms out in front of the eagle) did you take the picture yet

We really did have a great day. I love the park and hope to go back soon. Marvin would probably rather me go by myself. But we do make a great pair and we ultimately are BEST FRIENDS!