Road Trip

Last weekend Lindsay and I took a road trip to Bayahibe. We rented a car on Friday afternoon and headed out right away. Here is the car we got. It was such a dinky little thing but great for crazy Dominican driving! I am glad we were forced to buy the insurance on the car because I beat the living daylights out of it. On several occasions I didn't see speedbumps coming and hit them at maybe 50 mph. I cornered like I was Mario Andretti at the Indianapolis 500. Essentially, I drove like I was 16 years old again. I was either accelerating or braking, never coasting. The police here do not care about traffic laws The driving part was fun and I missed not having done it for over a month.

On our way to Bayahibe we drove through La Romana and got a little lost. A guy at a gas station, had us follow him through town so we could find our road again. He was so helpful. Bayahibe was really nice and cute. La Romana is only a couple miles across the bay but there is a world of difference between them. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we could walk around and explore at night. The town was like an old Western town with two hotels, one bar, dirt roads and a slow pace of life. Lindsay probably won't go back there though because she saw a (1) rat and made me carry her on my back across the path the rat had crossed. It was a freak out of epic proportions. She was absolutely paralyzed with fear. Truthfully, the rat was kind of cute. It was fat and slow and not totally afraid of people.
We went to the public beach which was completely surrounded by resorts. The beach was pretty but the sand is made up mostly of crushed up seashells and it sticks to your feet. Not what we are used to. I applied the sunblock which cost $14 and then proceeded to have an allergic reaction to it. This happened on our Honeymoon with the same kind of sun block. We had to leave the beach after only a couple hours because I was losing my mind. It was a minor freakout but I was in immense pain. When we got back home to S.D. we bought sun block that I am not allergic to and it was much more affordable ($13). Lindsay can hardly stand the prices here. All in all we had a good time and it was nice to get away from the city and not have to depend on taxis for the weekend. The country was beautiful, here are some pictures.

We also drove through this amazing cut out. We didn't get the camera out in time but this was an enormous gorge with a bright blue river at the bottom.

Here is our hotel-
We were very close to the ocean - maybe 50 yards


  1. Pharmacy Betsy, hilarious. We have rats that live next to our house. And... what is in the sunscreen that you are allergic to?

  2. Farmacia Betsy!!!! It's a sign, I must come to visit! :)

  3. Wilson asked if that was supposed to be a miniature van or something....

    looks like a fun getaway. so glad you were able to find a non-allergic-reaction-causing sunblock at the discounted price of $13 ha ha.

    You are both great narrators, I love reading your blog!