A northern drive

It's kind of hard to drive north when you live in the NORTH. But, believe it or not we spent almost 5 hours on Sunday afternoon driving NORTH, and we didn't even cross the bridge! 

We took the scenic drive along M-119 through the tunnel of trees. It was a beautifully warm day. 

We stopped at an over look- one of Marvin's favorite views. 

We checked out Pond Hill Farms. Another beautiful location. A family owned farm, with 1 month old baby pigs.
An overlook above the vineyards. 

 At the pumpkin patch. Who's pumpkin is bigger? :)

We enjoyed a gift certificate from friends, and had a great meal at Legs Inn. A historical location and a MUST stop if you are headed north along a color tour. 

Then we made a final stop at Lake Michigan in Wilderness State Park. This is probably the most beautiful piece of Lake Michigan shore line. 
Marvin said this had to be skipping stone heaven. 

 What a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in Northern Michigan.