Back to School

On Thursday we had a back to school night at ASSD. This was a night for the parents to come and visit the teachers, see the school & ask questions. We have approximately 100 students in 6-12 grade. I think I saw 4 parents.... not a great turn out. But those who did come had a great time. We were at school until 10pm! That's my bed time.

Here are some pictures of my classes!

9th Grade- They are my homeroom group. I see them everyday. I teach World Geography to them. They are a great class!

10th- World History class. Good class all boys (only 2 girls)
11th- US History. My smallest class.

12th- Government & Economics. The largest class. Very talkative but it looks like they can be bought with brigiedero :)

I have 53 students total. Last year I had almost 90. So this is a big change. Grading papers goes by much more quickly. I don't allow my students to call me "teacher" they have to say, Mrs. Verwys, Mrs. V, or even just V.... pretty much I answer to anything but "teacher". I just can't handle that!
It's friday now! Long week but good. We were going to head to the beach but supposively tropical storm Erica is on its way. People here are shocked by rain- weird!

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  1. no blonde hair... the girl with the pink headband is out of dresscode!