So it is an island, ah!

We went to dinner last night (Marvin, Julia & I). We ate at TGI Friday´s which is located within Acropolis Mall. Food was great and conversation was also nice. Marvin was able to watch some American baseball so he was quite thrilled. While we were at dinner I saw 3 of my students with their families but they were passing in the mall so I didn´t get up to say hi.
When I got to school this morning no only did those 3 students say they saw me, but I also had two other students say they saw us walking around the mall. Then in a later hour I had 3 other students on different occasions say they saw me walking around the botanical gardens by our house. So in one even ¨out from the house¨ we had incounters from 8 different students!
So adios to my private life and Welcome to my island!

It´s a good think I dont have a drinking, drug, or cheeting on my husband problem...hahahah

Ill try to post photos of the house on monday. I took them last night but forgot to bring my computer to load them on the blog today


  1. wow. 8 students in one night out!!!

    can't wait to see the house pics!!!

  2. Love hearing about your days. Makes it seem like you're closer. We miss you. Having tea parties today with Nora. Got some new toys up for her and she is having fun with them. Open house yesterday... no one. Holding another tonight. Love ya!!!