My Crazy Seniors

Today my 9th grade class had a bake sale. We ordered Burger King and then had the school buy from us to make some money for their class. When lunch was over, I usually have to go to class with the Seniors. However, I got held up in the cafeteria and was about 20 mins late to class. This is what I came in to find...
One of my seniors was teaching the class. He had a diagram and everything on the board! Shocking how eager they are to learn. It made my heart so glad! :)

Then my 9th graders didn't have a teacher for the hour so I pulled them in with the Seniors and they sat along the back wall! They were a little scared I think... they sat so quietly!

Mr. C -the "student teacher" just kept on teaching for the day! He held their attention all hour. Students were actually taking notes and asking questions in class!

At the end of the hour. Mr. C rewarded the class with no homework for the weekend!

I'm so thankful to have these kids this year. They are wonderful and I love my job here!

THE CRAZY SENIOR PART IS BELOW! So after the hour of Mr. C teaching and the 12th and 9th grade being in the same class.... I was supposed to have a prep hour (no students). However, at the last minute I was told the Seniors didn't have a teacher for the next hour- no substitute and I was asked if they could stay in my class- sure I said but someone owes me BIG TIME. (This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks this has happened to me)
The Seniors had a study hall. And as you know from high school that study halls at the end of the day, especially a Friday, ...well they don't have a whole lot of studying going on.

They were dancing!

They were teaching me spanish- which I didn't video.
They had a great time and so did I!

Hasta Luego

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