layover in PA

We made to to Philadelphia... 1 1/2 hours 'til we leave for SDQ!
We found a GAP in this airport. They were having amazing sales. Marvin got 3 pair of pants, and I got a t-shirt for $50. They have to sales tax in PA...BONUS!

Photos and updates to come about our visit back to civilization (aka America)

PS: We got a camera so PHOTOS will be posted too :)


  1. we kept watching to see if you blogged! Glad you are safe. Let us know when you get home, DR.

  2. I love that GAP... and they don't count as luggage!!!!

  3. hmm good to know, I have a layover there in 16 days! :)

  4. wow, what a fun way to spend a layover!

    can't wait to SEE the pics of your trip home!