3rd attempt at finding a church

We contacted a Christian organization here and asked about English speaking churches. They were super helpful and gave us some contacts in the area. They came back with about 3 churches to check out. We had been in contact with a guy who when to a church pretty close to our house. So today we went to check it out. The English service was at 2pm and 5pm. We tried the 2pm service.

We woke up in the morning and had to wait until 12 to take showers when the power comes back on. It’s like this every weekend. Called a taxi at 1:30, so he would be here by 1:40. He arrived at 1:45. We gave him the address and he got us there right at 2pm. Great right! ??? Wrong…

We walk in and there are 3 kids sitting in the foyer. There was a Spanish service going on right then. Lindsay spotted a sign on the second floor that said “English Church meets here”. We walked upstairs to get a good spot. No one was there. It is now 2:05. We waited, and waited. Around 2:15, the Spanish service got over and people began to file out. A few people came upstairs to use the bathroom but no one even said hello. At about 2:30 Lindsay decides it was a bust,  and that we should  take a taxi home. While on the phone with Apolo (local taxi co.) a man who looks Dutch comes and starts speaking English with us. We thought – YES the pastor has arrived! Wrong Again!

He was a bum from the street who walked in and proceeded to tell us how he was a doctor in the area, left his wallet and passport on the bus and needs $500 US dollars to get back to La Romana- a city near us.  Marvin sits intently listing to the man and his story. Lindsay excuses herself calls a taxi and then gets Marvin out of the situation. NO way were we giving him our hard earned money only to go down to the liquor store and buy some booze!  (side note- Marvin likes to over tip big time, Lindsay is a little more stingy, actually very stingy, and if she had her way all the time, no one would get tipped!) So we finally take a taxi over to our favorite supermarket/food court Jumbo for lunch.

Try another church in 2 weeks. Betsy will be here next Sunday and we will be out of town. Probably attend Beach side Baptist around 10am :)


  1. beach side baptist sounds great :) sign me up!

  2. you need to follow up w/ the organization and tell them what happened for sure. you are trying, that's good.

  3. AUGH! BSB next week for sure! :)

  4. Wel, you tried. I hope you had a nice lunch!

  5. Ugh...how frustrating. Don't give up though!

  6. keep up the good work, finding a good church is worth the effort, even though it can be frustrating... and this experience sounds EXTREMELY frustrating!

    I hope you get some good pics of Beach side Baptist =) I bet you are excitedly preparing for your company!!!!!!!