I Love Dominican Holiday!

Over our long break, no school Wednesday- Monday, we had Betsy and Kari come to visit.

We had to prepare for their arrival. My students helped color the welcome sign.



While waiting at the airport, we were asked by two people which flight WE had come in on. I was thinking… Oh yeah! I just came in on a flight and I’m holding my own Bienvenidos (welcome) sign!  Sheeesh!

They finally arrived, only 20 minutes late. Pretty decent for being on “Dominican Time”

 009 010


We spent the night in Santo Domingo at our house and then got up early to head to the north coast- Cabarete- our destination for the long weekend. Along the way we got Marvin to stop and let us take some photos of the Palm Tree Plantations.

And when Marvin wouldn’t stop the car any more I was forced to take photos from inside the car. They turned out pretty well though. Check out the Monolith.

We arrived around 12:30. It was perfect. We loved where we stayed. We did encounter a few hook ups but nothing that would stop us from going back in May with Adam and Becca Willis! – Book your flights guys :)

We tried to do this as inexpensive as possible so we ate breakfast and lunch at our condo; which had a fully equipped kitchen! Then for dinner we went out and ate at restaurants on the beach. We had a very high tech way of choosing where to eat for the night- whichever place had the most comfortable seating!

Marvin was surrounded by all girls for the weekend so he had to do something manly! He chose to SURF. We also all tried boogie boarding too. FUN stuff.

We had just a fabulous time in Cabarete. This is by far our favorite place on the island as of yet. It has it all, beautiful beaches, restaurants, relaxation, yet still close to everything!

On Sunday night we drove back into Santo Domingo and ate at Hard Rock Cafe’ and hung out in the Zona Colonial.

We LOVED having the girls here. Marvin really needs a boy to come visit though. It was so refreshing for us to talk to people who are like us and believe the same things we do. It was hard to say goodbye on Monday but we hope now they can go home and share their wonderful experience and then we can get even more visitors.


  1. great job linds! maybe I'll just put up a link for my post! ;)

  2. No pressure, huh? :)
    Keep your eye out for deals. I spent a good solid day looking and just not sure we can swing it under budget! We'll have to talk with you more about this.... :)

  3. This is wonderful. Looks like everyone had a good time. Great Post! I loved watching Marvin Surf!! You all got some sun too! I can't wait.

  4. MV, that looked like a nasty stick

  5. we'll come next year when we can leave elle bell. i like how marv wears that usa shirt. i am so glad you got to experience a fun area. i like betsy running to you all at the airport too.

  6. oh, that looks like you had such a great time. and it looks so BEAUTIFUL there! wow! hope you can get some more visitors to book their trips soon! =) I bet the best part was that bit you wrote at the end. Just sharing time together with like-minded peeps.

  7. I wonder if Marvin owns more than one shirt?

  8. Uugh...you're killing me! I want to visit so badly! I'll just have to listen to Betsy's stories and pretend I was there:)