Holy Cow!

WOOOOOOW…. this is what I yelled just after Julia pointed out the large hairy tarantula that was cozying up just beneath my foot at the lunch table.  I’m not talking about small little daddy long legs. It was a LARGE stinkin’ hairy, Home Alone, type tarantula!

I didn’t have my camera so I tried to find a close look-a-like online:

Luckily the maintenance man came to the rescue and caught it and threw it over the fence. But not before the students all mocked me for standing on the table while the tarantula was being caught.

Check out another scary spider blog at my cousin Amanda’s site!


  1. good thing the kids are awake, because I just screamed a little when that picture came up!!! eek!

    and I thought the black widow was bad...

    stay strong, Linds!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Not helping to sway us to come and visit you!