life around DR

Here are a few photos of our area and what we see on a day to day basis. I’m going to try to take video one morning on our way to school. I’ll post it if it works out.

This the the mall that is about a mile and a half from our house. We walk up there occasionally. They have a theater and some decent stores.


This is across the street from Diamond Mall. It was raining out and these photos were taken with the disposable camera. 


From our roof of our house you can see the neighbor’s yard. It is beautiful. They have a small pool. We have never meet them. It’s not like the states where you have friendly neighbors. We have never seen most of them.



Here is the house across the street. They made a comment to us in October that they hoped to be in by the end of the month… It’s now January and they still aren’t in. Maybe them meant October 2010?


Here is our favorite grocery store, Jumbo… it’s about as close to a Target as we can find. It has a food court in it. When we go here we always plan to do dinner too- Wendy’s!  001

This picture is a little hard to see. But we went to eat at a pretty decent sit down restaurant on one of the main streets . This was kiddy corner from us. A small taco shack and about 40 people around it. They bring their plastic chairs and sit and drink here for the night. They are basically right on the street.

002 This is what we have seen of our neighbors… their pet goat. And yes we live on a pretty wealthy street.

004This is the ravenous beast that stuck into our house and often eats our food.  


We have been commissioned to take photos of weird looking motorcyclists and the thing they carry with them. Stay tuned for that posting. It should be hilarious.


  1. thanks for posting... its fun to "see" what its like there. So different!

    Are you guys planning on picking up a couple plastic chairs so you can eat at the taco shack sometime??? =)

  2. I love the ravenous beast! she looks over heated.

  3. love the comment about Fran...and you spelled ravenous correct! :)

    Sounds like you had a good trip home...I know when we went home last year at Christmas the timing was nice. This year we chose the Amazon instead :)

    We have officially decided to stay here another year, which means we definitely need to meet up with you guys at some point. Now that you are debt free you can spend some money on travel! Maybe we could meet up in Panama and then go to Costa Rica or somewhere in Central America. Our spring break is the week of Easter which is April 2nd through 12th or something like that. We don't have official plans yet so let me know what you think....

    Are you guys staying another year too?

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