Traveling to School

Today I took a video of our trip to school. I don’t think its too bumpy but it might get a little boring. If so just fast forward to around 3:30 minutes, you will see a big hole we have to drive over all the time. Also take notice of how close cars get to our vehicle and the amount of trash on the side of the road. It’s about 6 minutes.

Video- Failed. After about 5 attempts to upload … Marvin thinks i need to reshoot the video and save it in a different format. I’m clueless about this stuff… I’ll try again soon.

Today I also finally got a photo of my Taiwanese students I tutor. Yin is the one on the left, Yun has glasses. They are fabulous! They always give me a Coca-Cola Light too :)


Last Sunday we went to Juan Dolio, local beach, with Julia and her mom. Here are a few photo’s I snapped there.

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