Where do we live again?

We’ve had quite a few people make reference to where the DR is and how close are we to Haiti. So a little geography less for us all :)

We live in Santo Domingo in the south part of the Dominican Republic. We share the island with Haiti to the west. The island all together is called Hispaniola. Santo Domingo is where Christopher Columbus first landed in 1492 when “discovering” the Americas.

Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, is about 230 miles from Santo Domingo. There are only 2 main roads to get into Haiti from the DR, one is located in Jimani in the southern portion (the red line runs right through it). The other city isn’t on the map but is about 50 miles north.  We’ve heard that the roads are backed up, taking hours to get across the border.  Keep praying for the people of Haiti there is still so much to be done.



  1. thanks... I needed that refresher course in DR Geography!

  2. Appreciate the geography lesson. I used to know these things. I've lost intelligence since grade school.