Leave your comments!

I believe I have fixed the issue with leaving comments on our blog. So please comment away! Marvin and I love reading your comments and seeing what is going on with you as well!

Happy Blogging!


  1. well, would ya look at that? You two techies got the problem figured out! Woo hoo! Let the comments roll....

    I liked your simple woman's daybook entry... maybe you should do that once a week - perhaps on Friday nights when all the 4th graders have worn Marvin right out...

    I might update our blog again before we move... we'll see.

  2. Linds! augh you got mugged! I'm hating the DR more and more everyday...but I still want to visit. I thought it was very heroic of Marvin to try to scale the wall to come to your rescue, even if the gate was open. :) but really, how awful, I'm glad you're ok though! Miss you, and want to visit sooooooooon!!

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