No Water!

On Monday afternoon when we got home from school there was a slip of paper in our gate. We didn't understand what it was saying... it looked like something had been shut off but we had electric, we had water, we had all utilities. Then at about 6pm we lost power so we began to investigate this "slip of paper" a little further!
We figured out, by the powers vested in Google translator, that our water had been shut off because of non- payment. Well if we had to pay our water bill it would have been paid in full the moment we received our bill but we don't so I turned the bill into school in late August, early September. School then failed to pay the bill at all. On Monday we called our school contact and they paid the bill then said our water would be on with in 24-48 hours. We GASPED!
My thought for today: If only it would have been a max of 48 hours... it is now going on 52 hours of no water! Our reserve has been bone dry since Tuesday morning. We tried to call the water company our selves and they said at the earliest tomorrow morning but it could then been another 24-48 hours...... Going with out a shower in any country is hard enough but imagine being in a country where you sweat when you think.

This is a photo to show we are trying to keep our spirits high, in reality this really stinks- literally!

Marvin showering in the Rain. 
Photo courtesy of Julia and her camera. 


  1. MV with a pink scratchy. Way to perpetuate the soft-American stereotype.

  2. I am laughing so hard right now. That A. Marvin is using a pink loofah and that B. Nate is calling it a "scratchy."

  3. tell Julia 'thank you' for the picture. I was feeling bad for you guys, but then that picture made me laugh and nearly all of my sympathy is gone...

    thankfully you really like each other so you can endure the smell.

    and just think how wonderful your next shower will feel... whenever that might be ;)

  4. So sorry sweetie! But I agree with my sis, love the picture of Marv! Too funny.