No more photos :(

So Sunday afternoon Julia and I were going to go to Colonial Zone to hang out, get some coffee, whatever. Basically we were bored and we've been there before so we thought why not take the car out for a spin!
Julia pulled the car out on to the street... see below.

I came out about 5 minutes later and went to get into the car. Approaching from the front of the vehicle were 3 motorcyclists. Two had already passed the car and then I went to get into our car. The 3rd motorcyclist drove very close to the car, proceeded to pry open the door and grab my purse. See image below:

* Now the picture above suggests I was standing outside of the car- but I was really inside. It's just hard to draw it that way on 'paint'. Back to the story... I struggled for a few minutes. Julia and I both yelled a bunch. Marvin tried to scale the iron fence behind us (because he was inside- not going with us). The 'assultor' took off and so did his accomplises. 2 Colomado men- delivery boys- on motorcycles were also there watching the whole thing. They didn't do much. They attempted to drive off  to find them but came back seconds later to say they were gone.
So I lost my purse including my camera,  our house keys !, my debit cards (thank Dave Ramsey I don't have credit cards), my Michigan drivers liscense, 2 packs of gum and the worst thing of all ... My Dave Ramsey Envelopes. Luckily my refill day for Dave Ramsey is Monday's and this occured on a Sunday... so the assulters escaped with only a few hundred pesos which is about $10 or so... :)
I was luck not to lose anything of "value" ie: passport, travel documents etc.

We had to have our locks changed last night to avoid any break ins and such- since they had the gate keys and our house keys. We also now have a night watchman outside of our house for the next few weeks.

It stinks about the camera though so you will all have to suffer with my links, clipart, and photoshop via "paint"

We are all safe and that is what counts!

** My mom suggested I email Dave Ramsey and tell him what happened... maybe he will send me a new envelope system :)


  1. Oh no! How awful and scary! Although I adored your efforts of giving us visuals of the scene! Glad you're all OK!

  2. Yikes! Our plans to move to the DR are now off. Just kidding. I'm glad you're okay that's the important thing... I'd definitely email dave...I would think he'd help out.


    I am glad you didn't have much cash in your envelopes. I bet the theives were a bit puzzled by the envelopes!

    Glad you have added some security measures, I thought the pictures were quite helpful in reinacting the crime scene.

    Might as well try emailing Dave. You never know ;)

  4. I think you definitely should email Dave! I have a friend who works for him now, side note. I'm mad about the camera, the dummies who took Jeff's car didnt even bother with my cam...

  5. Major bummer about the camera!!!
    I would like you to know, I love reading your blog and your adventures in the DR!!! :)

  6. Maybe you need to take a self defense class. Or hire a bodyguard. Or have your husband walk you out to the car. They would have thought twice about trying to snatch your purse with Marv there.