1030 Friday Night

It's only 1030. I can't go to bed yet. Plus it's FRIDAY! Marvin is zonked out since 930... 4th graders must have warn him out! Julia is on skype, so that leaves me, what shall I do? .... UPDATE MY BLOG!
Snagged from Simple Women's blog- head over to check it out.

FOR TODAY...October 9th, 2009
Outside my window... hot, sticky weather, geckos, and Mariachi music coming from the local bodega

I am thinking.... Marvin is very mad because the Mariachi link I just uploaded stated playing and woke him from a deep slumber.... he was all in a tizzy!

I am thankful for... the new car our roommate just got.... Toyota Altezza

I am wearing...my pj's... shorts and a tank top

I am remembering... how much i used to complain about the cold in Michigan and now how much i miss it!

I am going... to go to sleep soon

I am reading...Number the Stars, with the students I tutor

I am hoping... to go to the beach tomorrow

Noticing that... my feet get very dirty here.

Pondering these words..."teacher... I'll bring it in Monday! I Promise!"

From the kitchen... comes the noise of a cricket that is locked in some drawer or cupboard

Around the house... all is quiet, except that cricket

One of my favorite things~ Sunday Night Pizza with Flock group :) Miss you all!

A Picture from my album ...

Cause I know Betsy & Andrea read my blog! :)

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  1. haha that photo is funny! thank goodness for the River Bank Run!!