Boca Chica

This past Sunday we were invited to go to Boca Chica. It is a local beach about the distance to Lake Michigan from GR. The public beach is really crazy and we have been told not to visit because you get hassled by the souvenir sellers.  We ended up going to a private resident - in the picture below it would be located to the far right. *this photo is from the internet

When we were invited to go we though we'd get out to the beach around 11 or so. She ended us up picking at 7:25AM! We were to the beach before 8am. We really enjoyed the day- we went kayaking in the ocean, swimming and sunbathing. The family had 2 boys- 7th grade and 10th grade. Marvin taught them all about being "BOYS"!  In the evening we went out for Pizza- Lindsay really enjoyed that.
We did miss church but we were able to fellowship with the family!


  1. wow, what an early beach day!

    it looks so beautiful there... sigh.

  2. The beach sounds so good right now. I took Nora to a pumpkin patch last week and we left after 20 min or so b/c it was only 40 degrees out! Brrr.