You Just have to ask for it!

Today was the last of three days of conferences we attended for professional development. During the conferences they had about 20 exhibitors pushing their products and such. Something you should know about Dominicans- they don't really like things like this, they don't do exhibits, they'd rather enjoy coffee break and free muffins. Well...... me being the thrifty, american that I am - love all the freebies I can get! I went table to table collecting pens, sticky notes, maps, folders... and everything else I must use up before coming back to the US because I can't fit it in my luggage :) haha  But at the end of most exhibits, the presenters want to get rid of their supplies, displays, books, resources, and the like so they don't have to travel back home with them. So ...... I went to each table asking if they were giving away any of their supplies. I loaded up! (Dominicans at this time are on their 3rd cup of coffee)

Here's my loot: (i wish i could sent a photo)
14 pictures books about socials studies 
World History Mapping Activity book
My Geography and Location book
101 whiteboard activities
Interesting facts about the USA 
All about the Constitution
Textbook on GOVT
Textbook on The American Past - History
10 pens
2 packs of sticky notes
4 folders
2 notebooks
And a bag to put it all in 

I arrived a little late to the next sessions because I was scavenging for more giveaways. My friend had saved me a seat. When I walked in you should have seen the look on their faces.... "where did you get all that stuff?" My reply: You just have to ask for it ! 


  1. I am so proud of you right now, I can only imagine how much pride Grandma would feel in regard to your thrifty skills!

    GOOD JOB!!!

  2. That's my Lindsay!

    Hey, I'm not sure if you saw that I started a blog. It's partially for you to keep up with us. When you get a chance check it out.


  3. I knew you would find a way to get things for free in the DR! Good job!