MY DR Deal!

So while reading a friends blog about how she got 30+ free "gatorades" and another friends about some great deal they got on chapstick I began to feel very sad.
Then I began to remember the good ole days when I could budget $150 a month for groceries and even then I wouldn't spend it. Now we spend around $75 a week! and we have $60 for eatting out because their variety here isn't as good.
One amazing deal we were able to snag was CHEEP CHICKEN! Marvin actually found the 'steal' at the supermarket. The chicken was mismarked... RD$3, which translats to about 11 cents in US money! :) The best part- it wasn't spoiled either.... haha, you laugh but it happens. I guess they don't have a USDA here .
Best chicken I've had since I've been here !

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