La Sierna

Tonight after Lindsay got home from school, we decided to head out to a multicenter. Lindsay needed to buy some things and a teacher from the school recommended La Sierna. L asked her if it was like target or walmart- she said yeah, they have everything.

So we went. We both went because we are still uncomfortable with being alone in the city. Also, Marvin had been home all day and was bored. First, we had to take a taxi to get there and Lindsay thought she knew exactly where it was but as it turns out she didn't. Our driver spoke no english whatsoever and of course we speak no Spanish. We ended up finding it, and had to pay about $3 extra because of the extra driving. Ramon was pretty cool though

As soon as we get to the multicenter we are completely overwhelmed by the vast amount of people crammed into this place. To put this into size perspective for you.... similar to a 2 story meijer except the aisles are only about 6 feet wide. I don't know what that translates to in meters and I don't really care. If there is one thing Dominicans care nothing for it is other people's time. The aisles are small to begin with, and when you park your cart length-wise across it, it gets really congested. Marvin was loosing his blessed non-confrontational mind while at the same time attempting to burn holes through their heads with his laser beam dirty looks. It didn't work much to his chagrin, nobody moved or seemed to care that the whole world didn't want to wait for them to compare the prices of 7 different Enrique Iglesias school notebooks. We went to this place with the expressed purpose of finding an alarm clock for Lindsay. We don't know how to say "alarm" or "clock" in spanish which didn't help but we also didn't know that there was another floor to this place. So after searching everywhere, we decided to go upstairs via the escalator. Unfortunately for Marvin, three women were blocking the entrance to the escalator while they chatted about who knows what. Marvin had had it though and decided to take matters into his own hands. He managed to somehow turn sideways and squeeze between the women far enough to get his right butt cheek onto the hand-rail of the escalator which pretty much caught his shorts and dragged him up the escalator. The chatting women didn't even notice this incredible act of bodacity. Finally we found the alarm clock after weaving in and out of HD TV's which were all showing Selena, Ricky Martin, and Marc Anthony concert videos while several people stood there and watched. It was quite an ordeal and Marvin vowed to spend whatever it takes to get a maid who will grocery shop for us.

Lindsay is in utter shock about the prices here. You would think that with an exchange rate of $1 USD to 36 RD - Dominican Pesos, things would be cheaper here... NO. Here are some examples:

- very basic alarm clock $18

- pack of colored pencils (crayola)- $10

- 3 mechanical pencils - $ 3.50

- markers - nothing less than $4

Lindsay is very saddened by the country's lack of coupon usage. Maybe she will be able to institute something while being here. In the mean time if you see cheap school supplies she would appreciate it if you would save some for her to bring back with us! :)


  1. oh my goodness, that was a funny read! I wish you had some video footage of the escalator incident =)

    Lindsay, I hope you can begin some sort of coupon revolution over there!

  2. probably cheaper for me to mail you the stuff via ups... email me...