My classroom & our first few days at school have been coming along nicely!
I am teaching 9-12 graders. I have the 9th graders as my homeroom group. They are a bunch of fun. I have 13 so far, more seem to come everyday! Right now only 4 girls.
After homeroom, I have US History with 11th grade.
Open Period
10th grade World History
Open Period
12th grade Government- there are 20 students in this class, it is my largest.
Open Period that leads to the end of the day.
So on any given day I have anywhere from 135 minutes -225 minutes, (plus lunch). It is a huge change from last year when I only had 50 mins a day. Marvin is thankful that I have more of my evenings free :)

Here is the view from when you first enter the building- Elementary is on the first floor along with the admin offices, high school (lindsay) is on the second floor.

When you get upstairs this is basically the view. I'm just down the hall a little. There is a lot of "open air" space.

This is our interior courtyard. Open to all types of weather. When it rains sideways we get kind of wet, but the porters do a pretty good job of keeping things mopped up. Here is the view from my classroom- I can deal with this :)
This is out the back stairway to the cafeteria & play yard. Student have almost an hour lunch here!

These photos below are taken from the edge of our school yard. The two photos are within sight distance but my camera frame couldn't fit them into the same picture. But you can see the extreme poverty in the left photo and the beautiful house on the hill in the right photo. It is crazy what a drastic difference there is here in the DR!

Over all I am very much enjoying my school. Things do move at a much slower place here and our supplies and availablitity of equipment is not like the states, but at the end of the day I am able to teach my students.


  1. the school is beautiful! and what a blessing to have all of that planning time during the day - I guess that is the trade off for having fewer supplies!

    SO glad things are going well so far.