We have arrived!

Our plane touched down last night around 7pm. After going through customs and paying the "tourist tax" $10 to enter the country(if you aren't Dominican) we arrived at our hotel around 9pm. We are staying at The Delta until next Tuesday or until our house is ready (time tables here aren't what they are in Michigan).
Today we woke and ate at the restaurant attached to our hotel (included) and the we were picked up by the school's chauffeur and taken to the school and super mercado (grocery store). and we were then able to drive by our house.
1st- School~ 2 stories, my classroom is massive and they have so many staff members- someone to do everything. The school isn't much larger than Grattan Academy where Lindsay taught last year ~ 200 students K-12. Lindsay has to go back on friday and she will try to take pictures then.
2nd - Super Mercado~ we went with Danny, our driver, who doesn't speak english at all. And we don't speak much spanish. It was interesting but pretty much like shopping in the US. They had oreos, tostidos, taco bell rice & beans, dasani water, etc. Some of the American products were cheeper than they are at home. Over all we will be spending more on groceries here- since they don't coupon! (small problem for lindsay)
3rd- our house~ La casa es muy bonita! It is a three bedroom 2 bath (and a master bed, which lindsay was very excited about) It looks just like the houses on house hunters - our favorite show! It has just been remodeled hence the delay getting in. It has granite everywhere, tile everywhere, windows everywhere. Pictures are forthcoming.
Fran is fine. She liked her carrier and only had a minor freak out.

Not a lot of pictures yet, we didn't want to appear to eager or touristy :)
So here is one of Fran our cat on our bed. The maid even folded nonnie very nicely on the bed - she'll get a good tip tomorrow!

Below is a view from our hotel room. This neighborhood is nice to dominicans to walk and is probably ok for us but our operations manager from the school strongly suggested we take a cab since we are 1- very white & american looking, 2- speak no spanish.

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  1. Go to la piscina rapido (pool, I think) Do they have Fran food too? I cant wait to see house photos! And I'm so glad they were gentle with Nonnie, I was up all night worrying about that! :)

  2. I,too,am relieved about Nonnie =)

    So glad you made it safely, the hotel looks beautiful. Thanks for updating, looking forward to more =) What an adventure!!!