We are in the house!

We were able to move in last Friday. Once we left the hotel we had no more internet so no blogging or skyping. We have been out of contact until today!

Here is a short post about what we've been up to. Since I am using the internet at school right now I don't want to post to long- I'm supposed to be preparing my classroom :)
Danny came to get us using the school bus for teachers. We loaded all of our stuff into the bus and headed back to school.

Fran & Marvin had to come to school with me & Julia for about 2 hours until it was time to go to our house.

My Classroom- It's very large. We start school tomorrow (with students). My grandma is sending me a bunch of school supplies too! Resources here are pretty limited.

I have more to post about school & such- but I need to work in my classroom too :)


  1. What has Marvin been doing? The cat is cracking me up

  2. Porcello is dealing through 3.2- 3 straight Ks.

  3. Go get em tomorrow!! :) Miss you like crazy, read my blog, The Dr Fart made me think of marv!

  4. Good blogging guys! Glad that things are moving along for you! Miss you!

  5. wow! your classroom IS huge! that will give you lots of flexibility to do fun stuff =)

    Hope you are well and that your first day was wonderful!