Driving in the DR

Driving in the DR is crazy to say the least. We have a driver named Danny, I'm sure it is spelled differently than that but anyway! Here are a few things you've always thought about doing in the states but wouldn't:

1. Drive in the median & shoulder with your motorcycle- Done in the DR!

2. Weave in an out of traffic at a red light on your motorcycle- Done in the DR!

3. Walk in front of traffic in the middle of the road while cars are going 30mph+, this too is done in the DR!

4. Make a 2 lane road more like a 3 lane road sometimes even 4, lanes mean nothing in the DR!

5. Think about blowing through a stop light- in the DR they don't even think about doing it. You just run it and the next two cars behind you do the same thing!

6. Cut around a car that is in the right lane because they are going straigt and you want to turn right- Done in the DR (today danny cut off 2 lanes of traffic to turn right- I just closed my eyes)

7. Go the wrong way on a one way street - Done in the DR

8. Park in a lane because you've reached your destination- Done in the DR

9. Honk you're horn because you feel like it- I'm sure there is a rhyme or a reason for this but we haven't figured it out yet. (I really want to bring a GM car here with a great horn and blow these Dominicans off the road, their horns are so wimpy here it's seriously like a beep beep!)

10. Speed- there are no speed limits in the DR!

At this point we have decided to pay for taxi drivers and use our chauffers as much as possible! :)

Here is a link for some more driving tips in the DR.

I didn't get photo's of my school today- hopefully Monday!


  1. All of this sounds very familiar....we just took a cab home and did about 4 things on the list. My favorite is driving the wrong way down a one way. I dont know why they bother to have one way streets here.

  2. I would stick with the taxi drivers and chauffers too! Sounds a lot like Africa ;)