Zona Colonial

Zona Colonial is the place where Columbus first landed in 1492. We did a day trip there with our new roomy Julia. She is in a few of the pics below. Some are hard to see. I'll try to take a good one of her soon. She is fasinating though!
It's crazy that they have all of these old ruins and we didn't have to pay anything to look at them. Most of them had no tour guide or anything. We were able to climb all over them. In the US it would be like $30 to tour it and it would be in much better shape. But still it was very interesting to see. You don't get much from the tour that exists because it is all in espanol- so you have to do some google research too.

Here we are in front of an old cathedral. The roof had fallen and it was in major disrepair!

We were able to climb up a small mountain to get this picture. It is the top wall of the fort that goes around the city. Inside the city walls they have just gone about living. Not really trying to keep it historial or anything. There is a hard rock cafe' inside , many restaurants, and trash in the abandoned buildings.

Here is one of the oldest cathedrals in the Americas. It looks a lot like the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. We listened to a tour in espanol- didn't catch much. They speak so fast and do not enunciate anything. So it is quite difficult learning the language.

Julia & Lindsay in front of the catherdral- gargoyles.

Zona Colonial is a great place to visit. We need to learn more espanol before we have visitors come so we know where to go and what people are saying :)


  1. glad you have gotten to get out and see some sights. the place looks amazing, I am sure you are enjoying the history!

    you should get your hands on some language-learning resources geared toward learning while in the culture. I tried to find the book I used in Africa but it was like $140+ on amazon. there must be other stuff out there that would help you... you'll be Spanish speakers before you know it!!!!

  2. National Cathedral...nice analogy. We have read up on DR and know a ton about it - thanks to the library. I am excited to visit, can we bring the baby?