Getting used to the customs...

The other day Marvin was home and Lindsay was at school. We have had quite a few deliveries or people stopping by the house during the day to set up or fix something so when the doorbell rang Marvin thought nothing much of it. He just went and figured out what the guy wanted and then let him in the house. * he doesn''t speak spanish and the guy didn't speak english. * The guy had a bunch of painting he was going to hang in our house. They were quite large and he had to call a buddy over to help him unload all of the items. When about 20 minutes had pasted and our house now had a painting on every wall, the guy started to write up the bill. Usually when people need payment we call Roberto, the guy who owns the house, and let him know what's up. Marvin got on the phone and told Roberto there were guys here who just hung paintings and now they need to be paid. The total is $14,000 US ! Roberto kindly said to Marvin that he had just let some stranger into his house and this was not a delivery. Roberto then said to had the phone to the painter delivery guy and they proceeded to yell back and forth, probably using some not nice language. The painters hung up the phone took all their paintings and left very disgusted. When Marvin was telling us this story, I was rolling in laughter! There is always someone here trying to sell you something and Marvin had let these guys into our house, racked up a huge bill, and wasted so much of their time- and in the end we did not buy one painting.... Crazy trusting Americans!


  1. I love that they covered the house in paintings! So funny! I can just imagine Mr Nonconfrontational trying to get out of that one! :)

  2. I didn't believe Brad when he started telling me this story - I had to come read it for myself. TOO FUNNY! Oh boy, and the adventure is just beginning.