Simple Women's Daybook


FOR TODAY...November 3rd 
Outside my window...my cat runs with MiniMe, motorcyclers drive by at high speeds, and the guards music plays

I am thinking...I wish I were better and that my throat did not hurt

I am thankful for... my husband! He is fabulous and such a great friend - my best friend

I am wearing... my limited jeans, a tommy hilfiger tank top and flip flops

I am remembering...how cold it is in Michigan and how I would love to cuddle under a blanket.

I am going...to Bavaro for Thanksgiving, all inclusive resort. To spend some time away from the city. 

I am reading... actually looking for a new book, just finished today actually- Pay it Forward and Anthem. Suggestions- leave them below. 

I am hoping... it gets cool quickly and that it rains like crazy so the river floods and school is cancelled

On my mind... what am I going to teach tomorrow

Noticing that... taxi cabs all smell the same

Pondering these words... Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made the
    Lord his hope and confidence.
 - Jeremiah 17:7

From the kitchen... comes utter silence... we went out for dinner tonight :) German Bakery

Around the house... students shuffled in and out. Marvin taught, Julia taught, I taught... many many students

One of my favorite things- clean sheets, fresh bread, and a dead mosquito

From my photo journal...

Taken Last Christmas outside of our apartment... that's Marvin's car under the snow


  1. I have some good books I have read lately that I should email you but I don't know how you will get to them. I can't believe you miss the cold! That is a good thing though. : ) michigan in your blood!

  2. I love that photo! I cant wait for that this year, and then I want it to melt immerdiately after I do my favorite snow sports and be 70 and sunny! :)

  3. sounds like you have a fun Thanksgiving planned! Brad and I were walking around an outdoor mall yesterday in t-shirts (and pants of course) and talking about how lovely the weather is, and how we do not miss the cold at all. At all. Not one bit.

    are you sick? if so, get better. =)