Feliz Cumpleaños a Marvin

Marvin turned 28 on Tuesday. We celebrated by going out to El Agave - it is a Mexican Restaurant. It food was great but they only had one dessert; it was a soaked crepe in dulce de leche (sweet milk). I thought it was disguesting but Marvin seemed to like it. To make up for the bad dessert I made him homemade white cake with chocolate frosting. I also found birthday candles in spanish "feliz cumpleanos".  He enjoyed his day.
This is a quote that he wrote to a friend in an email about his day:
"There is nothing like celebrating your birthday at an elementary school. Not only is everyone genuinely excited for you to the point of hysteria, but they all try to shower you with only their most precious of possessions.  I got so many stickers and bookmarks (one of which was sweet) that I am going to need an additional Jonas Brothers backpack just to get it all home"

Marvin and I are going to an all inclusive resort next weekend and we will be celebrating his birthday then too! We tend to take trips instead of buy gifts for each other! 

Plus! Marvin got a 2 birthday cards one from his friend Jason and another from a great lady at our church- Jean Porter- that one arrived ON his birthday. Which is A: shocking that it got here the day of  and B. amazing that it got here in the first place with out being opened. We've heard rumors that there are more on their way :)
Photo of the cake:


  1. Sounds like Marvin had a good birthday celebration - so true about being at an elementary school! And I bet the kids adore him too, so that makes it even more fantastic.

    Let him know we'll keep an eye out for the Jonas Brothers backpack, I bet we can find a real deal after Christmas =) hehehe

    I hope you have a blast on your trip, that is a great way to celebrate birthdays!!!


  2. I celebrated in my heart, and I laughed so hard at his birthday quote email when I got it and when I just read it again. well said. :)