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This past week we had model UN (united nations) in Bravaro. I accompanied 14 students 2 teachers, and 2 parents to the conference. We left Wednesday morning and returned shortly after 3pm on Sunday. It was a chance for students to participate in UN diplomacy. They have to prepare speeches, learn how to pass motions, become a real model UN delegate.

I worked closely with 2 girls, Luisa and Ana. They chose to compete in English- Fifth Committee- Administrative and Budgetary. The rest of the conference was in Spanish.

Once they got in to the Conference they we set up kind of like a real UN. They represented their country "Burundi" and had to answer the questions they had prepared. Luisa and Ana were both able to give their speeches at the Conference!

We had multiple Group Sessions- which again all in Spanish :) So I didn't really know what was going on but it was interesting for the girls!

Then Luisa got a chance to read her position paper to the entire group, all 1,500 students plus chaperones. She did GREAT!

For the closing ceremony the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Antonio Fernández Reyna, gave a speech. 

Here are a few more photos of the group that we took!

Our delegates did fabulous. I'm excited to start this program up at the next school I work at in the US. It's crazy I'd never heard of Model UN until coming to Dominican Republic. We stayed at an all inclusive resort. However because we were part of the conference we were unable to use any of the ammenities.... no beach, no pool, no fun restaurants. That part really stunk. Especially for me since I didn't attend a few of the teacher conferences because they were in Spanish. I started reading a book. Most of you know I'm not a reader but I hope I've turned a new leaf.  I'm almost finished with Pay it Forward and half way through Anthem By Ayn Rand. Marvin has been strongly encouraging me to read it since he finished most of her novels last year. If you have good book suggestions send them my way. If you can get the text online that is even better-hard to get English print here!

Photos courtesy of Luisa - Delegate from Burundi 


  1. Looks like a fun week. Marvin survived while you were away? :)

  2. Kind of... :) He was really sad. And now he's SICK! Yuck

  3. wow, I had never heard of that either. Tell Louisa thanks for the use of her pictures, looks like a fun group of kiddos.

    I am not much of a reader either, and when I do read, its almost always non-fiction. Are those books you mentioned non-fiction??? I am reading Sacred Marriage right now, only a couple chapters left...