Cards and Letters

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Today I received a package sent via USPS in the states and then the local Dominican post office handled it once it reached the island. Minus the fact that it was mailed on October 22 and I just got it today, November 6th (which is actually very fast) it was torn to shreds. The package didn't contain anything of "value" but still! The package was torn open, riffled through, the envelope inside was torn open (I assume they were looking for money), then it was all taped back up and sent on its way!
CRAZY! and the the worst part is that this is acceptable - not just done to foreign packages!

Moral of the story... don't send valuable packages to us!
Cards and letters have been great getting here but don't include anything that would make it feel like there is more inside. Packages for the most part have gotten here fine too but don't include anything that would be considered valuable if it was stole! Sad story but a way of life while we live here.