Tonight Marvin and I went to a baseball game. School had free tickets so we took advantage of the opportunity. 

It was pretty much like a minor league game in the states. The stadium was in decent shape. Marvin said it looked like old Tiger stadium only smaller. It is something that we enjoyed and will probably do again. 

Yesterday, I was back in the kitchen cooking. I have to say, I am proud of my self for doing this! For dinner I made chicken ceaser wraps (homemade ceaser dressing- GOOD) and for dessert- twix bars- homemade caramel too! 
The hardest part about cooking so far is my location. It is hard to shop for items no knowing if they exist in this country and then not knowing what they are called in Spanish. Spices give me the hardest time. The other day this happened at the store... I'm trying to make pumpkin pie next week and I needed to buy a can of pumpkin. My way of asking the supermarket worker was: "tienes la fruta, es color es naranja en el" - (then in pointed to a can)... do you have a fruit that's color is orange in a can.  Needless to say they had no idea what I was talking about, and we all kind of laughed and I slowly just walked away. Eventually Marvin came to the rescue and found it. I will post later how the pie turns out! 

photos courtesy of the internet and my new favorite baking blog: http://www.howtoeatacupcake.net/


  1. Did you put anchovies or raw egg in your caesar dressing?

  2. siezer salad is the best with roasted corn

  3. I love your baking adventures! You'll be a pro by the time you're back in MI!

  4. ugh nate. mom says your orthographics are terrible (look it up)

  5. you really should post that twix bars recipe - or maybe its on the blog you linked to??? I'll check.

    Just think how easy cooking will be when you are in America and all the ingredients will be available (and in english!!)

    hope your pie turns out!