Dinner for 2

Last night I decided enough is enough and I need to learn to cook!  (my grandma's going to applaud this post)
I love to eat out just about more than any one I know- except for my dad- he's the king. However, eating out in GR and eating out in DR has a price difference of about $20. So it's time to start cooking!
Last night I made a list of what to cook for the week ( I got the idea from my cousin Amanda, Meal planning 101). On tonights agenda was, Chicken Cordon Bleu, homemade bread, and chinese spiral pastries... none of these have I ever had before except the bread but then again I've never made anything... anything from scratch. Well unless you count eatable play dough  :) hahahaha.

So 3 hours later we sat down to eat! Photo's courtesy of blogs, and recipe websites. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu- I didn't make the mashed potatoes or beans. 
Chicken Cordon Bleu by UHLMAN.

No Kneed Bread

Chocolate Spiral Pastry filled with Chocolate fudge

Cooking takes a lot out of you... It was fun though and I think I am becoming a less picky eater by just trying things. Who would have known! :)
From Marvin's perspective:
Today I was watching football in the living room when at about 2:30, Lindsay marched by me into the kitchen.   It wasn't long before I smelled some excellent aromas and heard some noises that sounded like cooking noises. Julia was out on the porch so naturally I thought "Lindsay has been kidnapped and the kidnapper is making dinner." I walked into the kitchen and almost fainted. There stood a woman cooking up a storm who looked like Lindsay and sounded like her but was obviously and impostor.  I asked her where Lindsay was and she claimed to be her. I was skeptical but I took her word for it. 2 hours later and this woman emerged from the kitchen with sweat pouring from her brow and chicken cordon bleu on a decorative platter. The food was scrumptious and I was very grateful. The woman claims that she has turned over a new leaf and that she will continue cooking delicious food. I don't know what she did with Lindsay but I don't really care, I would rather have the impostor.


  1. yeah for you Lindsay! I might have forgotten to mention that I only try one or two new recipes a week... just so I don't get overwhelmed... but I guess if you NEVER cook, then all the recipes will be new for a while ;)

    I'll post some soup recipes this week, do you have a crockpot down there???

    I loved Marvin's perspective of the experience!!!

  2. haha at last maybe Marv's long national (international I guess) nightmare has come to an end! :) good for you, coming to DC on NYE?

  3. Oh boy do I miss the Verwys'. This had me laughing out loud! Linds-I am so proud of you! Way to go and keep up the good work. I will try and keep up my blogging and maybe that will give you some ideas to try. Marv-They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I fully understand that saying now as I see how easily you were willing to give up Lindsay for this other woman. Love you guys!

  4. Way to go, I never do three homemade things at once, takes too long. That is very impressive for the DR.