Grocery Outlet

Today I found a sweet little place to get a great deal… Morrie’s Grocery Outlet. This store is located on Chicago Dr in Hudsonville.

What is a grocery outlet… well in short its a cheep place to buy your groceries that you might otherwise get a Meijer, Wal-Mart, or your local Mom and Pop shop. These shops sell in their items at discounts ranging from 30% to 50% off what the same item would sell for in your local supermarket. Sometimes these are no frills stores that resemble a warehouse more than a store, sometimes not. Some are stores that usually sells all the groceries returned by a supermarket to their warehouse. Why were they returned? Sometimes due to a case getting dropped or punctured which ruins one or two cans or boxes. Sometimes due to a manufacturer overestimating how many of an item to produce. Sometimes due to a label change or warehouse closing. For whatever reason these excess goods must be sold. Items whose packaging is compromised are discarded and the rest sent out by the truckload to end up for sale at your local salvage grocery store.

A few of the deals I found today include the following, but their inventory changes daily!

  • candy bars  $0.25
  • flips pretzels $0.50
  • Natural Valley Granola Bars –6 pack $0.99
  • Starbucks frappuccinos- 4 pack $1.49
  • Orbitz gum 2 for $0.50

List of Michigan outlets, list is not exhaustive, but it’s a start:



Specific address unknown but I have plans to visit on Monday- will post a report :)

Bay City
Blue Knight Salvage Foods, 3286 South Huron Road, Ph 989-686-5540

Bear Lake
Bear Lake Discount Grocery, 11740 Chippewa Hwy., Ph 231-864-4640

Mor For Less, 16795 S. Business 27, Ph 517-372-5096

Wieler's Food Mart, 5938 W US-10, Ph 231-734-9730

Hook 'em Discounts, 199 W. Main, Ph 989-588-3200

Grandville= rumored to have closed today!
M & B Foods, 2900 Wilson Avenue SW #5, Ph 616-249-0081

Sav-A-Lot Food Stores, 16912 Marsh Rd., Ph 517-339-9670

Kryst Farm Market, 8451 Van Wert Rd.

Hudsonville- this is the one I’ve visited
Morrie's Grocery Outlet, 2410 Chicago Dr.

Sav-A-Lot Food Stores, 3222 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Ph 517-394-0396

Pineview Discount Store, 9200 S. Burkett Road, Ph 231-825-2892

Country Corners, 1284 W. Kittle Road, Ph 989-826-6063

Brookside Discount Grocery, 3701 W 72nd St., Ph 231-924-9118

Sand Lake
Verns Wooden Nickle, 70 2nd Street, Ph 616-636-5795

The Mercantile, 707 W. US 10, Ph 231-757-9130

Misfit Foods LLC, 116 North Centreville Rd

Research curtious of Andersons and Cart Challenge and Savings Addiction


  1. i think i will need to try this out just fot the experience and because I love grocery stores!

  2. Thanks for letting me benefit from your find! I just finished a very yummy and much needed frappacino.

  3. It was so fun to check them out with you on Monday! I think the Hudsonville/Jenison one is better than the Allegan one since it was bigger and had several similar things priced lower. We'll definately need to keep up on swapping our "good deal" finds when you go up north!

  4. Thanks for the information, just moved to Harrisville from Oklahoma and we are used to going to a place called "Cheapo Depo" all the time which greatly supplemented our grocery bill with deeply discounted discontinued and damaged lots. Food is SO expensive here! Thanks for the information.