Mackinac Island

First of all… is it Mackinaw or Mackinac? To see a good explanation click here

So this weekend we took a trip to Mackinac Island. It was a little unplanned, but Marvin has been helping out with the Soccer team at Concord Academy Boyne, my school.

Here are the weekend events with a little photo commentary…

Friday- depart for Island at 2pm

Arrive on Island, go to school (its located just before the Grand Hotel on the main road)

Team Photo, there are 18 players, 6 are girls, 7-12th grade


Shots of the Island- we had to walk from the school to the soccer field about a 20 minute walk.

 009 010

Game Time- 6pm

 011 012 013 014WE WON!

Head back to the school.

They give us pizza.

Spend the night in their gym.

Get up for breakfast- provided by Mackinac Island School.

Head back to the fields for another 10am Game on Saturday Morning.

WE WON, Again!

The players shook all the refs hands after both games- Great sportsmanship! 015

And of course like all teams- we had to soak the coach. It’s the first soccer team CAB has had, and now they are undefeated!

 018Marvin and I had such a great time. We got to meet a lot of the parents. Just about all of the players had someone from their family go. It is a very conservative public school. It has a great family atmosphere and the parents offer a lot of encouraging support.
I think its going to be a great year at CAB!


  1. wow! That's awesome Linds! What a great setting to meet lots of parents too.

    God's got good things in store this year! =)

  2. Pretty Cool! Good way to meet your neighbors up north and have fun!!