Top contenders

Regarding the recent submissions for the blog title change… the top picks are as follows, in no particular order:

  1. Sunshine to Snow ( The travelling adventures of Marv, Linds & Fran)
  2. M&L freeze their buns off
  3. We’re Hot then we’re Cold
  4. I’m still thinking for a title while I fold laundry
  5. 0 to 45 (parallels)
  6. Trash Heap to Back Woods
  7. The Great Downsize (population numbers)
  8. Smogville vs. Pure Michigan
  9. Can we drink the water or not? ( where are we now)
  10. Boyne-ing Around
  11. Boyne-ing, Boyne-ing, Boyne!
  12. What is Boyne? A river in Ireland?
  13. Ohhhh, we’re half way there…

Please vote for your favorite, new submissions are still welcome.

Because everyone loves photos on blogs…



  1. My favorites are 1, 8, and 11.. because choosing one is just silly!

  2. i vote #3! but #2 is good too! :)

  3. Mmmm...there's some good ones in there. My 2 faves are #3 and #1. I'm glad you're gonna keep blogging. :)

  4. #13 - as in, "Living on a Prayer"?

    I think my fav is still #1 for now ;)

  5. Hey I think I took that picture of you in Port Huron!
    Looking good!
    (If you choose #1, take the extra "L" out of traveling.)
    With #1, you can use it and reverse it in the spring to Snow to Sunshine
    I liked the Half way to the Top, wasn't that it?