The end is near…

Life in the DR is coming to its end. This Wednesday Lindsay will be flying to the DR to gather up the rest of their belongings and make the final return back to Michigan.

After MUCH thought, prayers, and conversations we have decided it will be best to stay in Michigan instead of returning to the DR for another year.

We are very excited to be close to family and friends once again, but this is not to say it was an easy decision to make. We will miss many of the things that we experienced over the last year in Santo Domingo and at The American School. It will be hard not to return to our students and friends we made while living there. But we feel, finally, that this is where God wants us this next year.

So long Santo Domingo!



  1. excited to see what God has in store for you two!

    you WILL keep blogging, right?

  2. Well, the decision is made and I know it was back and forth for awhile, but you are happy that it is finally settled. The Lord even confirmed your decision by Lindsay being selected for the Boyne School position.
    There are things in store for both of you.
    God will continue to bless your lives, here, there, everywhere! Just keep Shining for Jesus!
    Love you both!!!!!
    Remember Marvin - Uncle Bill sails on Lake Charlevoix!