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We moved to Boyne City just last week. A little trivia for you about BC:

  • BC is where BC pizza was founded
  • BC has a population of 3,500
  • BC is located just north of the 45th parallel (which is 1/2 way between the equator and the north pole)
  • average annual snow fall is 119” which is almost 10 feet!

Trivia about where we live:

  • It’s a historical home built in 1911
  • It is located just across the street from the 3rd largest lake in Michigan- Lake Charlevoix
  • Its set up perfectly for guests to visit :)
  • photos of the home

Since we moved in we have had 3 different visits from friends and family.

1st up was a over night stay by the Bakers and Uncle Dave. We drove into Charlevoix and took the Ironton ferry.


2nd in line were the Hoogendyk’s who also enjoyed an over night stay. We walked downtown and enjoyed the flea market and antique car show.  We ate at Cafe’ Sante’ – European meets traditional goodness!

3rd was a pleasant surprise visit by the Verwys’ parents. They came up just for the day and we enjoyed Whitefish and chips at the Villager in Charlevoix.

Walking around Charlevoix we found some great signs that were top contenders when naming our blog:

Marvin and I have been busy unpacking and checking out the town. It seems like every other night there is something that is going on in town. We’ve eaten at a few of the restaurants already. Marvin found a local shop that was selling coffee mugs and you could get them refilled for 50 cents. Needless to say, he is now a daily visitor to Water Street Cafe’.


  1. So good to hear what's been going on. Uncle Nick & I were talking about you guys today. We have an extra coffee table and end table if you would like them. (They were in the living room on Surf.) Let us know. Miss you guys!

  2. your house looks so cute!

    but, I must know what the trap door in the floor is all about...

    I hope you stay there long enough for us to be able to work in a visit!

    glad you are hosting company and enjoying exploring BC!

  3. The 311 is cute. We could of been the 113.

  4. Oh, 50 cent refills! I told you I liked Water Street Cafe!!

    I like 311! (You could also include the Halfway to the top sign somewhere in there) maybe floating across your screen! I like your new blog set up! Thanks for sharing pics too!!!
    Love you guys!!